Nurturing and Supporting Students to Live Successfully

Living away from home offers Columbia students an incredible opportunity for personal and academic growth and exploration under the caring, supportive supervision of a team that is focused on helping each student discover his or her unique potential. Columbia’s Total Care® approach looks at the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of each student and makes sure they are being met in an age-appropriate way through all aspects of boarding school life. Students receive help to transition to their new living situation safely and smoothly. High quality programming ensures that they’re kept busy with interesting and educational activities that help them make lifelong friends from diverse backgrounds. A wide variety of delicious and nutritious foods fuel the body and the mind. After-school academic support helps students get the most from their studies when they’re not in the classroom. After living in a Columbia residence, students have developed the skills to take on life’s next challenge with enthusiasm and confidence.


Student comfort, safety and convenience are given top priority at Columbia. Modern, fully furnished bedrooms have telephones, voice mail and high speed internet. Both boys’ and girls’ residences have on-site recreational facilities, lounges, study rooms and a wellness clinic. Say yes to stress-free living!

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There’s always something appetizing and healthy on the menu at Columbia. Meals are prepared in on-site kitchens by an internationally respected hospitality company. The wide variety of —including special meals for students with unique dietary or religious needs–is sure to appeal to every taste.

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Student Services

From healthcare to homework support, students in Columbia’s boarding school program receive the personalized help they need to succeed. Right from day one, students are assisted with their transition to residence by peer mentors and staff advisors. No matter the question, concern or desire, there’s always someone to talk to.

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Your children are precious.
That’s why their safety is our priority.

Residence safety measures include live-in house parents and residence advisors; secure access card entry to all residences; 24-hour monitored security cameras; night curfews and room checks; centrally controlled smoke and heat detectors in each room; regular fire drills; campus security staff; and school buses to and from classes.

Grow With Confidence

Support for students 16 and under

Columbia’s residence life programs ensure that students who are aged 16 and younger are given the care, counsel and structure to thrive while living away from home. Our caring “house parents” are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. House parents offer ongoing affection and guidance, plan and supervise weekend activities that enrich the living and learning experience for younger students, and offer one-on-one homework assistance every weekday evening during silent study time. Students aged 15 and younger live in special areas of the residence and have the support of a live-in senior advisor, who offers academic guidance, helps students adjust to residence life and find meaningful social activities and friendships. With these supports in place, younger students gain the confidence to eventually leave the nest…spread their wings…and soar to new heights.

Learn Healthy Independence

Support for senior students

Students older than 16 need a different kind of supervision and care than their younger counterparts. Columbia’s residence life programming helps senior students develop their leadership skills, discover and share their interests and talents, and learn independent living and learning skills that will serve them well as they transition to life at university. Unlike younger students, who are required to participate in more extracurricular activities, senior students learn to balance their studies with social activities and manage their time for best results. Fun Friday night and weekend programs are designed to appeal to the interests of this older age group while continuing to offer opportunities to learn and develop skills. This model helps senior students become the responsible, caring, disciplined leaders the world needs to manage the challenges of the future.