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When parents send their children abroad to study, they want their children to live in a place that provides a level of care similar to what they’d get at home. This means a safe and comfortable living environment, attention to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, proper care if special needs arise such as sickness, and training for independent living.

Our Total Care Living® is based on a “home-away-from-home” model which delivers, in the best way possible, the kind of care parents would provide their own children at home. By providing a healthy and safe on-campus life outside the classroom, CIC’s Total Care Living removes the pressures that other international students face when they live off campus, away from home.

How students are maturing is intimately connected
to how they perform academically.

That’s why we record assessments of their life at CIC alongside their academic assessments, all in the same centralized information system – our Total Care Student Tracker®. This gives our staff – and parents – a complete picture of every student’s needs – academic, social, emotional, and physical. Such a picture is only possible when school and life are properly integrated, an advantage that off-campus living arrangements (be they rented apartments or home-stay) are simply unable to match. By creating a supportive, healthy environment for international students, Total Care Living fosters socialization, reduces stress, helps our students be successful.

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Comfortable and

  • Brand new comforter and pillow for each student on arrival
  • Air-conditioned and heated bedroom with individual control
  • Wi-Fi and wired internet in every room
  • Personal phone extension and voice mail
  • Study desk with proper lighting
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  • Housekeeping, including weekly room cleaning and vacuuming
  • Fresh linen every two weeks
  • Residence and meal service open 365 days, including holidays
  • In-house clinic, nurse and wellness room

Nourishing and
Delicious Meals

  • Up to four nutritious and delicious meals a day, with all-you-care-to-eat dinners and brunches, every day including holidays
  • Menus designed by qualified dieticians and executive chefs
  • Onsite kitchen at each campus/residence building to serve freshly prepared meals
  • Dietary options available including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, halal, kosher, lactose intolerant and other religious/cultural needs
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” font_container=”tag:h2|font_size:17|text_align:left|color:%23597aad” use_theme_fonts=”yes” el_class=”custom-h2″]
  • Sodexo, a leading food services provider, sets high food safety standards
  • Our food services meet and exceed Ontario’s regulations on health and safety

Social Skills

  • New student orientation and integration
  • After-school activities
  • Weekend clubs and sports
  • Age appropriate and/or gender specific extracurricular activities


  • Assistance in renewing study permits, visas, and passports
  • Travel booking
  • Pocket money management
  • College Store offering uniforms, textbooks, bus pass, courier sending, mail, etc.


For all students

  • In-residence tutoring
  • Residence life counselling
  • Houseparents (in-residence supervisors)

Special care for young students under 16

  • Program with dedicated staff ensure they receive the priority care and attention they need
  • Homework check

Cultivates Independence
and Discipline

  • Rules, regulations and routines build constructive habits
  • Teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Cooking lessons on weekends
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We know safety and healthcare are two of the highest priorities when parents send their child abroad to study.
We pride ourselves in taking the greatest care to keep children safe and sound. Specifically, we

Prepare your child for a safe journey

  • Before leaving home, our “Handbook for Safe Travel” educates your child on safety concerns

Meet your child at the airport upon arrival

  • Upon request, your child will be met at the airport and transported to our campus
  • Your child receives a free SIM Card to call home promptly

Familiarize your child with CIC before school starts

  • Orientation Program to familiarize new students with the school, their fellow new students and Hamilton, their new city
  • New students get a free taxi card to use to return to campus if they are lost anywhere in Hamilton

Provide your child with a safe environment

  • Separate residence buildings for boys and girls
  • Houseparents maintain strict residence rules
  • 24/7 security staff provide safety everywhere with;
    • Video surveillance
    • Access-controlled entrances, elevators and floors
    • Individual lockable space for valuables inside room
  • Door-to-door bus between school and residences
  • Emergency preparedness drills every semester
  • Staff are trained to identify and address bullying

Designate staff to keep parents informed

  • Over 30 caring, multilingual Liaison Officers provide support to all students and their parents
  • A cross-functional team constantly monitors and records all of a student’s ASEP issues in the Total Care Student Tracker
  • Our unique online ezReport Card provide parents with the most up-to-date information about their child

Teach your child to manage personal information

  • We train our students to avoid identify theft and fraud; to protect their personal information on and off line
  • We assist our students in the renewing of their study permit and student visa

Keep your child healthy

  • Onsite clinic in school and in residence
  • Nurses make rounds at all residences in the morning
  • Illness prevention workshop to educate students
  • Vaccination inoculations administered on-site
  • Staff are specially trained to handle mental health concerns and medical emergencies
  • Medical histories are kept confidentially and provided to hospital in case of need