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International students, away from home, do not get the constant benefit of their parents as their daily role models for character development.

As part of the holistic model of education Total Care Development® at CIC takes on the responsibility of building important character values which are the foundation for success in life. We believe high school isn’t only about the content of the textbooks. It’s also about how students grow into adult maturity, ready to take on the challenges of university and beyond. Total Care Development is unique to CIC as no other schools in Canada have character development as a deliberate, integral part of their education program.

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This valuable training experience gives our graduates an excellent achievement for their resumes and makes them stand out when applying to world-class universities. Our graduates, with their extensive leadership training, are regularly admitted to Yale, Columbia, Chicago, and Cornell in the USA; Imperial College and Cambridge in UK; and top-ranked universities like the University of Toronto in Canada.

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Dedicating a liaison staff member
to every family

  • Daily life at CIC has the right mix of academics, extracurricular activities, and residential programming
  • Students are regularly nurtured on eleven key personal characteristics, to ensure they are developing as a whole person

Making ezReport Card
readily accessible online

  • By participating in events, clubs, sports, and community service, students learn through experience
  • Dedicated skill sessions on communication, teamwork, time management, and priority setting

Ensuring students can stay connected
with family and friends back home

  • Students at CIC receive training at the Bark Lake Leadership Centre, our own 700-acre outdoor education facility
  • CIC partners with the world renowned Duke of Edinburgh Award Program, which fosters leadership, independent thinking skills and healthy personal growth

Our 11 character keys were chosen by students and staff: 
Respect / Honesty / Integrity / Responsibility / Peaceful & Positive Conflict Resolution /  Inclusiveness / Fairness / Caring / Optimism / Self-Confidence and Self Advocacy / Perseverance