A comprehensive system that’s revolutionized the delivery of international education

Columbia International College is the only Canadian school with the ASEP-Total Care Education System®, a unique student nurturing system founded on one simple principle: that academic success is based on a student’s social, emotional and physical well-being. Since Columbia was founded in 1979, our Total Care® Education approach has become a world-renowned blueprint for educators of international students and an approach that is trusted by parents in nearly 100 countries. Total Care Education® is designed to address a child’s four essential needs (academic, social, emotional and physical, which we have shortened to “ASEP”). Because each student’s needs are unique, we do a special assessment once the student arrives at Columbia and every year they attend the school. This holistic assessment looks at the student’s ASEP strengths and weaknesses as they apply to learning, living, development and communication and establishes a customized plan to enhance their learning potential, help them get the most from boarding life, encourage their extracurricular involvement and facilitate three-way communication between families, children and Columbia staff. The goal is to maximize each student’s potential as a person of character, help them become sought-after students at well respected universities and develop them into well-rounded responsible global citizens.

Total Care Learning®

Total Care Learning® prepares students to succeed in the North American education system. From day one, our teams of experienced educators assess each student’s academic, social, emotional and physical needs and design a customized education plan to meet these needs and foster their success. Whether students are attending our junior middle school, high school or university preparatory program, Total Care Learning® offers an inspiring blend of in-class curriculum and academic support that helps students maximize their academic potential and ultimately succeed in university.

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Total Care Living®

Total Care Living® offers our students a home away from home by providing age-appropriate guidance and nurturing every student’s academic, social, emotional and physical well-being. Students stay in a safe and comfortable residence environment with supportive, caring staff where they learn to adapt to North American customs and lifestyle and grow with confidence. Living in a Columbia residence teaches them to think independently, make smart choices, and stay focused in order to achieve total success

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Total Care Development®

Total Care Development® ensures each student receives a well-balanced education by providing opportunities inside and outside the classroom for students to explore their strengths and build strong character. We’re so committed to this approach that we have a department dedicated entirely to development programming. As a result, students develop the values, skills and character needed to succeed at Columbia and in university. They also become confident, responsible, well-rounded adults who are able to positively impact the world.

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Total Care Communication®

Total Care Communication® connects children and their parents through the latest in technology, bringing families closer regardless of the miles. Children continue to feel bonded to their parents and can benefit from their ongoing guidance. Parents can rest assured that their children are engaged in meaningful activities and are succeeding at school—not only because they’re in touch with their children directly, but because they can connect with multilingual staff at Columbia and access information at any time using the ezReport Card system.

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The Total Care® Education Story

The ASEP-Total Care Education System® has its roots in the experiences of Columbia’s founder, Clement Chan, who was once an international student himself. Through experiencing first-hand the challenges of living and studying away from home, Clement recognized that international students have unique needs that must be addressed if they’re to get the most from their international education.

He founded Columbia International College to deliver on the promise of providing the kind of Total Care® to students that will help them succeed in their high school and university studies and become happy, productive adults with meaningful careers.