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Columbia International College is the largest and most diverse boarding school in Canada.

But bigger doesn’t always mean better—it must be combined with a true commitment to be the best.

That’s why our mission is to deliver a world-class living and learning experience to every student that passes through our doors.

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of Columbia graduates are accepted to universities and colleges in Canada and around the world each year

Columbia is the only school to use the Total Care Education System®, which tailors programs to meet the unique needs of each student.

Age-approprate residence programming, academic support and leadership programs help students become responsible global citizens and proud university graduates.

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Million In

In 2017, Columbia graduates earned $4.6 Million in scholarships to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

More than a dozen of these universities have signed on as official “university partners,” offering special awards and guaranteed admission to Columbia grads.

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We opened our Bark Lake campus in the beautiful wilds of northern Ontario, three hours north of Toronto, in 1997.

The 283-hectare lakeside property is used as a year-round leadership training facility where students challenge themselves physically and mentally under the guidance of certified outdoor instructors.

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Ontario is Canada’s hub of post-secondary education, with 20 publicly-funded universities, 24 colleges and more than 400 private career colleges.

2017 Graduates Admitted Into McMaster University (Canada’s Top 10 University)


2017 Graduates Admitted Into University of Toronto (World’s Top 30 University)


2017 Graduates Admitted Into University of Waterloo (World’s Top 5 Math Faculty)


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Columbia is strategically located in Hamilton, Ontario, a beautiful medium-sized city proudly known as “the city of waterfalls.”

Columbia students benefit from the creative energy, friendly people, diverse neighbourhoods and safe environment of the city, which is only an hour from Toronto.

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"From my personal experience, I would say without hesitation that every parent should allow their child to experience Columbia. Junior is prepared for university and the rest of his life. Columbia is truly an exceptional experience for any child, one which they will never forget."

− Marjorie Arlene Young

"I called CIC in 2002 upon the recommendation of another parent. After speaking with a representative from the Admissions Department, I knew this would be a perfect place for Scieska to attend. Her schedule was tailored specifically to her dream of becoming a journalist. CIC was essentially a “home away from home” and I was pleased with the living accommodations, security, housing rules, meals, transportation and social environment. I would highly recommend CIC’s Total Care Education® as the best option for any young person looking to make that successful transition from high school to university."

− Sonia Bowie Adderley (Bahamas)
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THEY NEED TO GO HIGHER®” font_container=”tag:h2|font_size:36|text_align:center|color:%23ffffff|line_height:30px” use_theme_fonts=”yes”]
Columbia International College, established in 1979, is Canada’s largest boarding school, focused exclusively on providing students from around the world the highest quality education possible.
Our Students benefit from excellent facilities, enthusiastic and highly qualified teaching staff, innovative programming and the kind of personalized attention that helps them learn, grow and accomplish their highest goals.
Our unique Total Care Education System® offers well-rounded support for the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of each student, helping them become the leaders of tomorrow.
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There’s only one place to look for proof of our success—the success of our students.