A legacy of excellence.

For 38 years, CIC has accelerated student success through our innovative Total Care Education System®. Our students excel academically, and develop strong character for a lifetime of success. We bring peace of mind to thousands of parents worldwide, who trust CIC to keep their children safe and healthy.

100% Success

With nearly 2000 students representing over 70 countries, Columbia International College is the largest private junior and senior boarding school in Canada. Our Total Care Education System ensures that each student reaches his or her personal and academic potential.

Our Unique Total Care Education System®

Columbia’s scientifically tested Total Care Education System® was created to meet the unique academic, social, emotional and physical needs of international students who live and study away from home. Total Care® Education nurtures each student according to his or her requirements in four areas: academic support and challenge (Total Care Learning®), a positive residence living experience (Total Care Living®), development of a well-rounded and strong character (Total Care Development®), and communication with family back home and between parents and the school (Total Care Communication®).

Columbia is the only educational institution in Canada to offer students and their families this special advantage.

Total Care Learning®

Total Care Learning® offers students the support, resources and opportunities they require for academic success. From day one, our team of experienced educators assesses each student’s needs and designs a customized education plan that delivers the best quality education possible.

About Total Care Learning®

Total Care Living®

Total Care Living® creates a true home away from home for our students. Modern, comfortable facilities with the latest in technology and good recreation opportunities are combined with caring and diligent live-in staff who are available to help students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About Total Care Living®

Total Care Communication®

Total Care Communication® connects students and parents so parents can continue to play an important role in their children’s lives. It also connects parents to the school, through multilingual staff and our unique online ezReport Card, so it’s easy for parents to stay informed of student progress.

About Total Care Communication®

Total Care Development®

Total Care Development® ensures students receive a well-balanced education by providing opportunities outside the classroom for them to explore their strengths, practice leadership skills and build strong character. As a result, they develop a solid foundation for future success.

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Caring for Young Students

Our Junior Middle School and specialized programs for young students build on the essential values and skills learnt at home, so students can continue to develop their character and become confident, well-rounded young adults.

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